The CBU ACESM is designed on the basis of a participatory action-oriented methodology to ensure that the ACESM together with its partners tackle the developmental challenge to the fullest extent. It will use multidisciplinary research approach in conducting demand-driven applied research. Research under the CBU ACESM will seek to engage in viable public- private partnerships (PPPs) with various partners to enhance involvement of industrial partners and other stakeholders in postgraduate training and research. The project will prioritise staff development and improving of staff competences through short-term international trainings, workshops and conferences. This will build both the capacity of staff as well as institutional collaborations. The training of MSc. and PhD will build on trans-disciplinary research approach and involve internships, workshops and conferences. CBU ACESM will establish applied research programs to enable scientists pursue high-impact projects that will contribute to national, regional and global understanding and improvement of sustainable mining for enhanced human wellbeing and environmental management